Frigidaire is best known for its refrigerators and freezer units, and it makes sense that they would produce a wine cooler as well. While the Frigidaire FFWC 35F4LB holds bottles of all shapes and sizes, the quality of this unit leaves much to be desired.

This compressor-cooled wine refrigerator holds up to 35 bottles of your favorite vintages and has six wire rack shelves. The bottom of the cooler is perfect for storing larger or odd-shaped bottles. This Frigidaire wine fridge uses manual controls rather than digital. These controls are located at the top and front of the unit, just inside the door for easy access. It is a good idea to purchase a thermometer to place inside the cooler so you can know the exact temperature. The interior light is a regular incandescent bulb rather than an LED and illuminates your collection with a soft yellow light.

The door of the unit is made of glass and is slightly tinted to give your wine protection from harmful UV rays while still allowing you to view your collection. The door is also reversible, allowing you to place the Frigidaire cooler most anywhere without worrying if you can open the door completely.

The biggest drawback of this wine cooler is that it uses the same compressor and refrigerant-based cooling technology that cools standard full size refrigerators. Most high quality wine coolers use thermoelectric cooling systems to chill the wine. Thermoelectric coolers are more environmentally friendly than compressors, using electricity instead of chemicals to keep your wine at the optimal temperature. Using a compressor also means that during active cooling your wine will be noticeably noisier than the fan-based models from other manufacturers.

Owners of this unit have reported some issues with moisture appearing inside and outside this wine cooler in hot or humid climates. This problem is compounded when the door does not seal properly due to leveling problems or if you leave it left open too long. Keeping your wine at the correct temperature can be a challenge for any wine cooler, and ensuring that the unit is placed correctly and level is a key factor to keeping external moisture from ruining the humidity inside the wine fridge.

If you need to contact Frigidaire, you can reach them by telephone or email. We are disappointed that the customer service is less responsive than most companies in our review, and you may find it difficult to get ahold of a service representative. Many customers complain that Frigidaire does not respond to complaints in a constructive way and that it is difficult to reach them. While this may not hold true for any contact you have with Frigidaire, it is good to be aware of any difficulties you may have ahead of time.

Frigidaire FFWC35F4LB Summary:

If you are looking for a wine cooler with plenty of storage, then this Frigidaire cooler meets that requirement. Unfortunately, the low quality of this unit coupled with the noisy condenser performance force us to place this wine cooler low on our list.

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Frigidaire FFWC35F4LB

This wine cooler stores up to 35 bottles.

There is no thermometer, and the quality of this unit is not the best.

The Verdict
: 7.38/10

This cooler is not the best choice based on quality, but it can hold a lot of bottles. If you are looking simply for storage it could work for you.